de Jong DUKE - Technical specification

Technical specifications

The brewer operates according to the vacuum principle.

Grinded Coffee is dosed into the brewer chamber (2), together with the hot water. At that moment the brewer is in the rest mode.

Then the brewer motor turns, moving the piston (4) up. By this movement, the water and the coffee are mixed, improving the extraction. Consequently, less ground coffee is necessary to obtain stronger and more flavoured coffee.

Subsequently, the piston (4) moves down, pulling the coffee through the filter paper (1). The coffee flows out of the cylinder (5) via the outflow (6) into the cup.

The filter paper (1) together with the coffee residue is transported by means of the transport wheels (3), when the piston is in the almost lower position and the brewer chamber (2) is lifted.

After this, the brewer returns to the rest mode and is ready for the next cycle.