de Jong DUKE - Mission statement

Mission statement


"Only if one is willing to deliver a service, does one deserve his bread." This often repeated statement from the founder of the company is still one of our main beliefs.

Mission Statement

"Providing reliable, leading-edge and user-friendly coffee-espresso machines and OCS- & vending-equipment including service required to continuously improve our customers' success and competitiveness."

Guiding Principles

[1] Be responsive towards and proactive regarding the needs of our customers by providing high quality products & service.

[2] Make a positive and fair contribution to the community and the environment.

[3] Develop and preserve a good working-environment for our employees as well as good relationship with our customers and suppliers.

[4] Ensure that profitability allows us to enhance our development and growth to the benefit of all stakeholders.


Our main objective is to build innovative quality machines, which dispense a quality coffee and other hot or cold drinks. By continuous development as well as listening to the customers combined with market research, we intend to combine leading-edge technology with contemporary and highly distinguished design. Backed by a dedicated after sales & customer service center we seek to maintain our reputation as eminent flexible and responsive supplier/partner for the supply of quality freshbrew, espresso and instant coffee brewing equipment.


Our strategy is focused on expansion by autonomic, organic growth and where feasible by co-operations and acquisitions.