de Jong DUKE - Introduction Zia, new machine by de Jong DUKE

Introduction Zia, new machine by de Jong DUKE

Sliedrecht, December 2012

Great coffee at the workplace, cappuccino's with fresh milk if you want to, the ability to connect the equipment via Wi-Fi or various connections, all stylishly combined in a design that emphasizes coffee rather than machine. The new Zia by Dutch manufacturer de Jong DUKE.

Office Coffee Service and Vending are becoming a more professional market where different technologies meet. Influence of the internet and touchscreens have already been visible. The coffee culture at work and out-of-home are developing rapidly in most European countries. Knowledge about quality coffee is becoming more transparent for a larger audience.

That almost certainly means that operators will have to adapt their businesses. Placing a reliable machine that serves acceptable coffee is no longer sufficient. The next years the gaps between coffee-to-go and coffee at work will have to be closed. Unfortunately as high as the demands of the customers are, so low is their willingness to pay for it. That means operators will have to change their way of working and use different tools.

Zia has certain features that can help office coffee providers and operators to strengthen their position. Table tops are one step closer to “the fresh coffee and espresso” experience than the larger, standing machines. With a waste guide, capacity is no longer a bottleneck. With connect me® management and control of the install base can be made much more efficient and customers can be informed or entertained while waiting for their drink.

The CoEx® brewer makes fresh coffee as well as espresso with high pressure, with the same brewing unit. This gives customers more choice and yet saves space. Fresh milk, of very high quality, is an option; standard the machine prepares a cappuccino or latte with milk topping. The large full colour display presents drinks in a much more attractive way. If desired the same screen can also be used for all kinds of communication. With additional software and wire or Wi-Fi connection, the machine can be brought on-line. For either communication purposes or for remote access and advanced monitoring.

As most customers who work with de Jong DUKE equipment would expect, the machine range is very versatile. The Zia line starts with Instant and has an Instant High Capacity version. The next models are equipped with the well-known filterfresh® brewer. The models with CoEx® can be chosen with one or two grinders and with or without Fresh Milk.

The software module connect me® and many other options are available by choice. That means you can apply Zia from very basic to advanced environments, yet not pay for features or developments you don’t use. Zia is developed for coffee roasters, office coffee providers and operators, who are active with table tops, have their own technicians and put value in their customers specific wishes.

Zia: Characteristics summary

  • Machine size: HxWxD= 79,5x37x53cm (excluding extended canisters)
  • Weight 35 – 45 kg
  • Main water connected, water filter recommended
  • 10,4” full colour touch screen
  • Cup detections also suited for glass
  • Many jug options
  • Machine can hold over 200 pre installed configurations for easy one touch installation
  • Modular build up: from canisters to software and fresh milk to Connect.Me®
  • Wide range of options and accessories in payment systems, base cabinets, and so on
  • Energy efficient (ECPL: 101,6)
  • 85% or more recyclability (depending on model)
  • Various Connect.Me ® options